5 British Foods You May End Up Missing Abroad

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When you go abroad for a long period of time, one thing that you may find yourself missing more than anything else is the food that you are used to back home. Although you might not think that you will miss British food, you may be surprised when you suddenly start having cravings for all […]

Monetising Your Blog – Making Money Online

For some people writing a blog is for fun or it’s just a hobby, but for others it’s all about making some money, and as that’s the name of the game for us here, I’m going to describe three simple ways that you can use to get your blog to provide an income.

3 Reasons Why you Might NOT Want to Move Abroad

Going abroad to live and work is a dream for many, and it may be one that you have had for a long time. But are you sure it is the right thing to do? Although there should be nothing stopping you if you really want to go abroad, it is still a good idea […]

A Quick Guide to Finding Your Favourite Things Abroad

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One of the most difficult things about going abroad for an extended period of time is missing the things which you are accustomed to having access to every day back home. This can increase feelings of homesickness and can make life more difficult during the course of your stay. Here are a few ways to access […]

Content Is King – Making Money Online

Now that your blog looks great it’s time to add your content. To keep your blog high up in your niches page rankings it’s really important that you add new, fresh and exciting content consistently. If the search engines see that new content is added often then it will recognise your blog as an authority […]

Setting Up Your Blog – Making Money Online

As human beings we are a pretty shallow bunch sometimes, things that look visually appealing often attract us to take a close look, rather like Magpies that are attracted to bright shiny objects. So what I’m trying to say here is that if your blog looks dull and boring, even if you’re content is comparable […]

Time to Move Abroad?

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If you live in the UK and you have ever considered moving abroad to live and work, now could be the time to finally put your plans into action. A new uSwitch survey has just been released stating that the UK is the worst place to live in Europe. Out of 10 developed European countries, […]