The 3 Best Tools for Working Remotely

If you decide to work remotely from abroad then you will almost certainly find yourself relying on a few very useful tools to help to minimise the distance between you and your clients. Here are three of the most useful.

Greater Numbers of Skilled People Moving Abroad

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has released a study which found that professional people are moving abroad on a greater scale than ever before, as reported in the BBC. Between 2000 and 2006, there was a rise of 44% in the number of educated people migrating from upper- and middle-income countries, and a […]

Why for Many, Moving Abroad to Work Will Remain Just a Dream

Packing your bags, waving goodbye to friends and family and then leaving home to work in a different country is a popular dream, especially with all of the current economic woes. However, for many, a dream is all it will remain and they will never get around to making the move. But why is this? […]

More Students Opting to Study Abroad and Escape High Tuition Fees

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It is not only jobseekers in Britain who are opting for a new life overseas: now the number of students applying to foreign universities has also soared. The news comes as the first batch of students face the prospect of paying the increased £9,000 tuition fees when they start university in 2012. It seems that […]