Living in Estonia – Steve Tells Why ‘E’-Stonian Expat Life Was Right For Him

Welsh online marketeer Steven MacDonald followed an advert in a newspaper to take up a new life in Estonia and has never looked back since. Read all about his life in Tallinn right here.

Living In Italy – A Taste of Italian Expat Life from The Beehive with Steve and Linda

Steve and Linda left their home in the USA for Italy in the very late 1990’s. They now own a hotel in Rome and a Europe wide B&B agency, read about their expat experiences here. 

Choosing the Unpaid Option – Volunteering Abroad

Many people emigrate abroad each year in order to find paid employment. Some people are reassigned to a new position in their job, and others work in a self-employed role. But there is one other possibility which should not be discounted entirely: voluntary work.

British Expats Living Abroad Are Happiest in Spain

Posted by on Feb 17, 2012 in live abroad, moving abroad | 2 Comments

Recent research carried out by Lloyds TSB International has revealed that British expats who have made new lives for themselves in Spain are the happiest of any expat group. The company questioned a number of expats to find out what their experiences were of living abroad, and when it came to overall happiness, 75.9% of […]

Should You Join In?

The economic woes in Europe have been responsible for a startling turn around in the traditional emigration routes. Whereas over the past decades people from the southern hemisphere and less economically developed countries have sought out a new life in Europe, now the tables appear to have turned. Residents of Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain and […]

‘Trailing Spouses’ Create Own Work Opportunities Abroad

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One of the biggest problems when an employee is relocated to another country to work is whether their partner and family will enjoy their new home. In fact, this can often make the difference between the success or failure of the move. The BBC recently highlighted this issue in the first in a series looking […]