QROPS Advice for Expats

There are a plethora of companies offering QROPS advice on the internet, it is difficult to have a session on the internet without seeing links to QROPs advice articles. So, what are QROPS? Chris gives us the financial low down.

The Time-Zone Dilemma When Working Abroad

One of the challenges that you may face when you move to another country to work is the difference in the time zones. Even though the internet allows you to work as if you lived just down the road from your clients, you can’t cheat time. If there is an eight-hour difference between you and […]

Things to Consider when Moving Abroad with Your Family

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Moving abroad to work in a new country is a huge adventure and a very exciting time for anyone. However, there are very different concerns for those people who are moving abroad on their own and those who are taking a family with them. Here are some of the most important things to consider if […]

Living In Canada – Bex Cites 4 Proper Seasons And Lots Of Reasons To Move To Nova Scotia

After a one week ‘reccie’ visit in 2007, Bex and family moved to Nova Scotia, Canada. They haven’t looked back since. Read all about their expat life in Canada.

Living In Galicia – Mark Left The UK 39 Years Ago After Finding His Perfect Place In Celtic Spain

Mark is a perfect example of an expat who has truly integrated into this new country and culture. Find out why he found this so natural for him to do in Galicia, Spain. 

Living in China – Learn About Life In One Of The World’s Rising Super Powers With A True ‘Pro’ Expat

Samir is no stranger to expat life, having lived in 6 countries throughout his life to date. He eventually made his way to Beijing, read all about his expat life in China below.

5 Common Cultural Frustrations of Moving Abroad

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When you decide to work abroad, you have to take the good with the bad. Although there will be some amazing things to enjoy and it will be an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life, there will also be some cultural differences that might make your life more difficult. You […]

Living in France – From Leicester to Brittany, Nicky of Nantes Tells Us Why France Is A Great Place To Be

France had always felt like home to Nicky, right from her early childhood holidays there. Now she lives with her two daughters in an idyllic village near Nantes. 

Living in The Czech Republic – Chris Left Merseyside For The Beautiful Countryside Around Toužim

Back in 1999, Chris laid his first roots in the Czech Republic when he purchased his first property that he later converted into a B&B. Since then, he has built a fine life deep in the Czech countryside that he has every intention of enjoying happily ever after. 

Living in South Africa – Louisa Landed In Cape Town To Find Sun, Sea, Social Media and…Love

Louisa left sunny Surrey for the even sunnier South African city of Cape Town. She now runs her own social media agency inbetween moments spent with her puppy, pet rat and husband. Read about her expat experiences here.