Getting Access to Your Cash Whilst Living Abroad

If you are living and working abroad for longer than a few weeks then you will probably need to get regular access to your cash. Living in a different country to the one you are earning in does bring with it a few challenges when it comes to accessing your funds, but luckily it is […]

Preparing a Back-Up Plan when Working from Abroad

Just because working from overseas has become easier than ever before, that does not mean that preparing for the worst case scenario should not be a concern.

Living In Tuscany – The Ups and Downs of Working in Italy by Sarah Mastroianni

I’d often heard that the best way to learn about a country’s culture and language was to go live there. So, from the moment that Italy first eked out a place in my heart when I was 15, I planned to one day return there and live. However, the transient life of a foreign exchange […]

Living in Ireland – Maria Swapped Galicia For Gorey And ‘Maybe’ It’s For Good

When Maria first landed in Ireland on a six month placement to practice her English, she had no idea at the time that she would eventually find herself ‘practising’ her English everyday whilst working at Practice PR and living in County Wexford full time. Read her story here.

How to Cope When Returning Home After Living Abroad

When people move abroad to live or work they often expect the move itself to be the biggest challenge. However, anyone who has lived abroad for a long period of time and then returned home will tell you that the return can often be the hardest part of all.

How to Ensure You Always Have an Internet Connection When Working Abroad

The internet has made it possible to travel to the other side of the globe and work for clients as if you were living just down the road. This wonderful new freedom has allowed many people to travel and work at the same time without having to worry about where they are located.