Living In New York: Michelle and Rob Start Spreading The News Of Life In The Big Apple

Many people leave their home to go on a tour of the world. Newly weds Michelle and Rob however left London to live in and ‘exclusively’ tour their favourite city of New York! They have already lived in four NY neighbourhoods and have plans to try at least another two more before they move on to […]

Why You Don’t Have To Move Abroad To Live A Better Life’?

This week’s guest post comes from Ryan Gibson of Generation Y Working. Ryan tells us why you don’t always have to move abroad to live a better life, and why many of the concepts and philosophies we discuss here on LWA are applicable wherever you choose to live and whatever stage of life you’re at. […]

What to Look For When Choosing Your Destination

On this blog we often talk about what to do when you are already living in your chosen destination. However, what about actually choosing where you want to go and live? What factors should you be looking at to help you decide upon your eventual destination? Here are a few of the things that you […]

Living in the Netherlands: How Brian Became a Digital Nomad And Found An Expat Lifestyle Working Abroad Lifestyle

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All you need is access to the internet to become a digital nomad! That’s what Brian Hawkins did when he asked his manager, on his performance evaluation form, to leave his office cubicle in exchange for the expat lifestyle and to get a taste of working abroad. Here is his story.

New Research Suggests that Expats Are Happier Than Ever

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One of the potential problems with living and working abroad as an expat is that you might end up missing things from back home. Food, culture, customs, TV programmes, friends and family are all things normally quite high on the list of home comforts that we find ourselves missing, and these can often lead to […]

Travelling with your TEFL Qualification

We hear it all too regularly nowadays. You’ve been made redundant; you’ve recently graduated and can’t find a job; or you’re just sick of your nine-to-five. To some the prospects may not look great but through this dark cloud glimpses of sunlight are shining through, even if it might be hard to believe. With the […]