Get Organised with Evernote and Zendone

Remote working involves making use of various online applications to simplify your work and allow you to increase productivity wherever you are based. I’ve mentioned a number of different tools that I use on a regular basis to help me do just this, and one of these is Evernote.

Living As A Digital Nomad: John Bardos Enjoys A Location Independent Lifestyle

Originally from Canada, John and his wife sold their permanent home in 2010 and have lived a nomadic live ever since, spending time in Budapest, Istanbul and Chiang Mai amongst other places.  The live a location independent life, fuelled by a mix of consultancy work and an online suite of businesses focused on learning English. Read more about […]

Living in Bucharest & New Zealand: Dragos Speaks About Splitting Life Between Both Sides Of The World

Dragos is one of Romania’s leading internet and technology entrepreneurs. He currently spends most of his year in Bucharest whilst gradually building a new life in his chosen, new home of New Zealand. Read about his life and future aims below. 

How to Make It Easier for Your Clients

One of the things that sometimes puts people off moving abroad to work is that they are worried about how to tell their clients that they are leaving home. However, although you may well be jetting off to the beach and leaving your clients behind in the rain, there are a few things that you […]