Living in Italy: Amy Moved From Britain to Puglia, Italy via Germany and Started To Write Enroute

Amy came to Southern Italy via Germany teaching English as she went.  She now runs one of the most popular expat Brit blogs online. Find out about her life in Puglia here.

How to Find Work Opportunities in Your New Destination

If you are planning to work remotely from a different country, your aim is probably to work for clients in your home country while living abroad. This is what is commonly involved in remote working, and it has become more possible in recent years due to the possibility of getting access to the internet from […]

The Importance of Taking Your Work Seriously when Working Remotely

Many people think that working remotely from abroad is not really ‘working’, so in this blog I want to make one thing very clear: working abroad still involves ‘working’; it’s just that you are working from a different location. You may have read a lot of information about earning so-called ‘passive’ income online. Many people […]