Through Europe, Hollywood and Now the Netherlands – Lisette Sutherland and Her Life on Tour

Lisette has travelled the world. Living out of a van whilst on tour Lisette has travelled through Europe and Hollywood as a remote worker and now lives in the lovely small town of Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

Things You Cannot Do when You Become Non-Resident

Posted by on Feb 14, 2013 in live abroad, moving abroad, work abroad | 2 Comments

Moving abroad to work is a real adventure, and it is now more possible to do so than it ever has been. However, if you decide to move abroad and there is a chance that you may change your residential status to that of your new country, there are certain things that you will no […]

Is It Right, Wrong or Even Worth It?

I was recently reading an article on a large expat website about a woman who is working for a large American firm that thinks she is living in another part of the USA – when in fact she is living in South America. She suggested that the company was happy for her to work remotely, […]