Getting Access To Your Money Abroad

Getting access to your money abroad while spending as little as possible in fees is essential when you live and work overseas. If you are earning in one currency and spending in another currency, you will have to find the most convenient and affordable way to get access to your money.

Top Mistakes Committed By Remote Workers Abroad

Emigrating abroad to work remotely is a dream shared by many, but there are more than a few mistakes that can help to slip you up on your journey to realising that dream. From my own personal experience and that of a number of other remote workers I have met over the years, here are […]

The Eco-Friendly Option

Anyone who reads this blog regularly will know that I am always promoting the benefits of remote working. Freedom to live and work where you want to and the ability to do something that you love while seeing the world at the same time are just a couple of the benefits of working remotely.

Pros & Challenges of House Sitting for Remote Workers

Having just spent the last ten months house sitting and working remotely, I feel I’m in a good position to give an overview of what house sitting is and the pros and cons of house sitting for people who work remotely.