Using a Tablet for Remote Working

Tablets are often thought of as devices to be used for fun rather than work, devices for consuming rather than producing. However, the more I think about it, the more I begin to realise that they could be ideal for remote working. They won’t be for everyone, but they have many features that make them […]

The Fax Isn’t Dead Yet! Online Services You Can Use While Working Remotely

You may think that faxing has had its day. However, like all dying technologies, people seem to predict their demise for many years before they actually disappear.

Milda Set Out For Hong Kong And Fell In Love With Singapore On The Way

After spending her internship in China, Milda had plans to pass through Singapore on her way to Hong Kong but then found something amazing and is now celebrating her 3rd anniversary in her home in Singapore.

5 Excellent Resources for Finding Friends Abroad

Arriving in a new country can be a lonely old business, and you will probably want to meet up with a few people who are in the same situation as you.

Gary Kay Talks About His New Lifestyle And Future Plans In Spain

Being fed up of the 9-5 rat race Gary and his family took the plunge and decided to move to spain. Gary now runs his own business whilst living in the small village Algorfa in Costa Blanca, Spain

Offshore Banking: A Guide for UK Remote Workers

If you go abroad to work for a short period of time, you will probably end up keeping your own bank account back in the UK. Clients can pay you directly into that, and you can then get access to your money via an ATM whenever you want.