3 Reasons Why you Might NOT Want to Move Abroad

Going abroad to live and work is a dream for many, and it may be one that you have had for a long time. But are you sure it is the right thing to do?

Although there should be nothing stopping you if you really want to go abroad, it is still a good idea to be honest with yourself about whether it really is the best thing to do in your situation. Here are three reasons why now might not be the best time to move abroad.

1. Employment

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Many people can now work remotely whether they are self-employed or have a full-time job. But for some people, the ability to go abroad is limited by certain aspects of their job.

One of these is the need for physical meetings. If your job involves lots of meetings which are important for building and maintaining relationships with clients and suppliers, then it may be difficult to go abroad for an extended period of time.

There are ways around it. Video chats via internet are now very easy to arrange on tools such as Skype. But in some circumstances this may not be suitable, and issues such as the time difference can also become a problem.

These types of problems could potentially prevent you from moving abroad, so always consider every aspect of your work and determine whether it will be possible to move abroad before you start making too many plans.

2. Family

If you have a family then it can be a lot more difficult to move abroad. That doesn’t mean it is impossible, but it can certainly prove more challenging.

Not only do you have to consider your partner’s job and whether they will be able to work from abroad as well, but you may also have to consider education for your children and whether they will be able to go to school in your new destination.

It is very different when you decide to move your family abroad than when it is you alone making the move. It may be that your family are keen on the idea, but if not then it’s likely that you are going to find it more of a challenge.

3. Home

If you own a property then you may find that it is not convenient to move abroad. If you are currently making mortgage repayments each month then this may be a responsibility you do not want to leave in the hands of someone else. You may also not be able to afford paying both your mortgage and your rent in your new destination.

Again, there is always a way to get around this. You could sell your home, or let it out to tenants for a few months so that you don’t have to make your mortgage payments yourself. However, this can be a hassle to arrange so it is another reason why it might not be best for you to move abroad.

Work Abroad: There’s Always a Solution

Having mentioned the above situations where it may not be suitable to live and work abroad, it is still worth considering that there is always a solution. Whether that involves quitting your job and starting something new, moving your family overseas or selling your home, there is always a way to achieve your dream of living abroad if that is what you have your heart set on.

However, always be aware that circumstances can sometimes make it more difficult to move abroad and you may have to think carefully about whether it really is the right decision for you.

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