5 British Foods You May End Up Missing Abroad

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When you go abroad for a long period of time, one thing that you may find yourself missing more than anything else is the food that you are used to back home. Although you might not think that you will miss British food, you may be surprised when you suddenly start having cravings for all of those foods which you have grown up with.

Here are five types of British food that you may well find hard to replace when abroad, and it could therefore be a good idea to pack some for the journey.

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1. Baked Beans

If you have never lived abroad before then you may well consider baked beans universal, so ubiquitous are they in the UK. But they are actually a distinctly British food which you may be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Even if you do manage to find baked beans of some variety, they are never going to live up to expectations.

Standard baked beans are comfort food at its best, so take a couple of tins with you for emergencies. Wait for a cold, wet day and then crack one open – it’s an easy way to beat homesickness.

2. Marmite

If the adverts are true then you either love it or hate it. But most of the rest of the world, it has to be said, fall into the latter category. So if you are one of the lovers make sure you take a jar or two with you, and it’s always fun to watch the faces of your new friends as they try it out for themselves.

3. Tea

You can find tea pretty much anywhere, but it won’t be the tea you are used to. Tea is often a lot weaker abroad, especially in countries where it is taken without milk. In fact, most countries find tea with milk an appalling habit typical of our famously bad cuisine.

Seeing as it’s so light you’d do well to take a few hundred bags with you, or as many as you can fit into your suitcase, and you won’t regret it.

4. Biscuits

Other countries don’t really understand biscuits like the British do. Or at least that is what you may feel when you arrive in your new destination only to discover that you cannot find custard creams, bourbons or rich tea biscuits anywhere.

A few packets of your favourite variety will go down nicely with a cup of tea when you are missing home, so make sure you pack some.

5. Sausages

Sausages are found all over the world, but British sausages are quite unique. The majority of countries will claim that they have sausages, but what they really mean is that they have ‘frankfurters’, when we all know that they are two entirely different things.

Sausages are not so easy to pack, so you may well find that you will have to do without them. But if you are going to a nearby country and you can take some with you then it may be worth doing.

Go Prepared

They may laugh at our cuisine, but there are some things that you are sure to miss when you go abroad and it’s a good idea to leave home prepared. Food is especially effective when it comes to preventing and treating homesickness, so if you can manage to take a few of your favourites with you then you’ll thank yourself for it later on.

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