5 Things To Do at Least a Month in Advance

Going abroad to work can be a real adventure, but there are a number of things that you will have to do before you catch your flight and the earlier you start the better. This is a quick checklist of five of the things you should do at least a month in advance to avoid any last-minute panics – but if you can do them earlier then that’s even better.

1. Inform Your Clients

If you are self-employed then you will want to give your clients time to get used to the fact that you will be working from abroad. They may want to know about changes in communication and work practices, and you should provide them with plenty of time to get used to the idea.

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2. Prepare Tools for Online Working Abroad

Before you even inform your clients, it is a good idea to prepare any tools that you will be using from abroad. For example, you may want to set yourself up with Skype and create a telephone number for your own country which clients can call directly and reach you anywhere in the world.

You may want to discuss these new tools with your clients and in some circumstances they may want you to help get them set up as well. If you make it easier for them to take advantage of the tools then they are more likely to keep providing you with work.

3. Arrange Your Visa

This is something you want to do as early as possible, even many months in advance in some cases.

The visa you need will depend on which country you are going to and for how long. Most countries will require a work visa if you are going to be working whilst living abroad.

Whichever visa you need, find out about the rules for your chosen country, such as how much the visa will cost, how long it will last and whether you can renew it whilst living abroad.

4. Arrange Your Taxes

If you are self-employed then you will have to work out what to do about your taxes. Will you continue to pay them from abroad? If you are working abroad for a short period of time, say less than three months, then you can probably just continue to pay them normally. However, if you go abroad for longer it may be more difficult.

It is always different in every situation and it can take a while to work out exactly what you should be doing, so start your research early.

5. Book Your Accommodation

As soon as you know that you are travelling to another country then you should book your accommodation. Spend some time looking online for an apartment to rent or a house share in your chosen destination so that you have somewhere to live when you first arrive.

You may want to book your accommodation for your whole stay, or just for a week or two as that way you can look for somewhere else when you arrive and see the property before you rent it.

Start Planning As Early as You Can

The earlier you start to plan your trip, the better. Make sure that you do some research into all of the issues above because if you leave them too late then you can find yourself facing a mad panic just before you leave, and in the worst case scenario you may not even be able to travel at all.

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