A Third of Young People Considering Emigrating from UK

New research suggests that as many as a third of young people in the UK are currently considering moving away from the UK to work abroad.

The surprising statistic came to light following a survey carried out by Post Office International Payments in which young people aged between 18 and 34 were asked whether they had ever thought about looking further afield to improve their job prospects.

As well as a third of respondents having thought about moving overseas, 27% like the idea of being an expat, and almost one in five has already worked or lived abroad.

The Perfect Combination of Travel and Work

One of the main reasons for going abroad that the respondents highlighted was that it would allow them to combine their desire to travel and see the world with getting paid, with 23% saying this made the idea attractive.

The migration class © by MarcinMonko

Now that it is easier than ever to move to another country and find work, either by telecommuting or through being self-employed, maybe a large percentage of those who have considered moving overseas will actually go ahead and act on their dreams.

Better Weather and Higher Salaries

As well as the chance to combine travel and work, there were other reasons why many of the young people questioned said that they liked the idea of living abroad for a period of time. These included:

- Better quality of life – Warmer weather – Higher salaries – Experience a new culture – Escape the high cost of living at home – Live in a better place to raise a family

Family and Friends

However, despite the obvious appeal of moving abroad and experiencing a different way of life in another country, the one thing that would prevent young people from moving abroad was the fact that they would miss their friends and families.

Indeed, homesickness can be hard to cope with when you go abroad for a long stay, especially when you are young. However, with technology like Skype now so easy to use to connect with people all over the world, perhaps it won’t be as difficult as many people think.

And You?

What about you? Have you had the same ideas about moving abroad to live and work? There are many advantages of doing so, whether you want to escape the current economic woes in the UK or you simply want to satisfy your urge for adventure.

If so, check out the information on this website and in the free ebook to get a better idea about your options and what awaits you when you decide to make the big move.

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