‘Bring choice and opportunity to every part of your life’

Phil Byrne

phil (1)On the 15th July 2010, I set off with my fiancée for a 3 month trip to Buenos Aires in Argentina. The trip was meant to be a 90 day adventure and a wonderful opportunity for my fiancée to delve deeply into the world of tango, which she was studying for her Phd. It was nearly four years before we returned to the UK full time, the teachings of travel calling us back for more lessons again and again.

We spent time in Argentina, the USA, Portugal, Spain, the UK and Ireland across those years. Learning so much from so many people in so many places about life and living with a bigger heart. Throughout these years, I found various ways to keep my business life running back in the UK to ensure our adventures could continue. These methods, tools and techniques are what liveworkabroad.com is all about. This site looks to show you how you can use the online world to bring choice and opportunity into every part of your life. Whether that is taking advantage of the reducing borders between countries, or simply making your current life, in the place that makes you happy, easier and freer.

LiveWorkAbroad.com is about living life to the full in any or all of the ways that the 21st century allows. Now I’m back in the UK creating some wonderful online ventures with Neil below, this site is also a reminder to me to live everyday of my new UK life with all of the spark and adventure my last four years brought to me. I hope it helps spark adventure and possibility in your heart too, wherever you are.

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‘Work, live… in perfect harmony – Do what YOU want to do!’

Neil Henry

neil-2Growing up we all have dreams. We believe we’ll climb the highest mountains, see the improbable and do the impossible – but then life gets in the way. I was lucky enough to travel widely when I was a child but then university called and the time came to think about a career. I chose the safe route (steady job), the sensible way (financially rewarding) and went into computer programming. Upon graduation I followed a road into humdrum prosperity, I received a good wage and stability, unfortunately it came at the cost of my soul.

In 2000 and in my mid-twenties I couldn’t take it anymore. I left my job and headed east to Asia and Australia. For 12 glorious months I lived a life without listening to peer pressure or fear of failure. I saw the most phenomenal places and enjoyed the most liberating experiences. When I came back to the UK I asked myself, ‘what do I want to do with my life after seeing, living, breathing THAT?’

For such a complex question the answer, in many ways, was simple – I didn’t want to be average. I wanted to do something to help people have the experiences that I had. To enjoy a life where they are not trapped in the rat race but free to travel, to see, to do. Why are we here, if not to enjoy ourselves! It’s why Phil started this site and why we run many ventures together… to show you that with the help of technology we are no longer tied to just one country or even one time zone. We are as free as we allow ourselves to be.

I’m married with two wonderful children and recently turned 40. I no longer skip to the beat of someone elses drum. Thanks to technology and finding the right work/life balance I’m free to spend time with my children, engage in interesting projects and make a healthy income. I’ve been doing this for several years and I feel like the luckiest man in the world.

This website will show, whatever your situation, that you can do the same.

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