An Intro To Making Money Online By Blogging

Living and working abroad is a dream for many people, and that number is growing year on year, and for those who have been lucky enough to make the move, I say well done, that’s the first part of a fantastic lifestyle, I say first part because as the number of people between the ages of 25 and 45 making the move is on the increase, unless they’re financially independent, the second part is to make a living abroad. And that’s what we’re going to talk about here, more specifically making money online.

It’s a big subject, and there are lots of ways to make money online, some are a lot more technical than other, but I would like to start with probably the simplest and arguably the most enjoyable, and that is…


A blog or keeping a “web log,” was originally just another way for people to keep a diary in a new way (digitally online instead of in a book), this new method took a while to catch on, but as the internet became more available, and more and more people got online, more and more people began to read about other people’s lives, and blogging as we know it was born.

People love to read about other people, their triumphs and their tragedies, and having a window into someone else’s life is highly appealing, plus I think we all just love a good story, and whilst that is true it also presents an opportunity, an opportunity to make some money.

Blogging to make money

Pretty soon after blogging really took off, business owners realised that if they posted their stories online in a blog about their business and included opportunities for their readers to buy their products or services from there, that they would increase sales, and sure enough that’s exactly what happened.

A blog can not only be used as a communication tool, but also as a soft sales letter to make more money.

So now what we’re talking about is monetising your story. There a number of ways to “monetise” your blog and I’ll go into more detail about those in a later post, but rest assured, done the right way, and yes there are methods that you need to follow, you can make a lot of money from a blog.

So what do you blog about?

Well that’s the easy part…

You can blog about, your business if you have one; you can blog about your experiences of moving abroad, or, which is what most people do, and that is to blog about their interests or expertise. There really are no limitations on what you can blog about, unless and here’s the important bit…

No one wants to read about it!

However that’s highly unlikely, internet users are like information termites, if it’s interesting , new and entertaining, they’ll eat it up like there’s no tomorrow. And I’ll show you how to do that.

So the first thing to do, is to make sure there’s a market of hungry termites out there wanting to read what you have to say on your new blog, that’s the key, if there is a market then you can make a mound of money.

The keys to the kingdom are Keywords

So before you upload your blog to the internet, you need to find your market, and find out what keywords that market is using, and to make sure you’re using them too, to get people to your blog.

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Then in the next post I’ll talk about creating your blog, getting it onto the internet and how you should write it…

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