Latest Working Abroad Figures: Heading Overseas Becoming More Popular?

Latest Working Abroad Figures: Heading Overseas Becoming More Popular?

Many people decide that a life of working overseas is for them. It can be a great way to travel the world and earn money at the same time, or to settle down somewhere new and experience a different culture. But how many people actually share this dream? Two new pieces of research – both focusing […]

Deciding on Your Destination? Here are Some of the Best Countries for Flexible Working

Deciding on a destination is one of the hardest things about going abroad to work remotely. Many factors will come into play, including the ease of getting online, the cost of living and the amount of sunshine you can expect to enjoy. One factor that you may be concerned with is which countries are the […]

At Uni? It’s a Great Time to Plan a Remote Working Lifestyle

Many people go into remote work after they have built up skills in a particular area or industry over the course of many years. But it is never too early to start planning for a remote lifestyle. In fact, if you are still at university, you may find that now is a great time to […]

Who Exactly Are Remote Workers?

Many people work remotely all over the world. This sometimes means working as an employee for a company but from home rather than in the office, but it can also mean working in a self-employed capacity from overseas.

Where Are the Best & Worst Countries to Do Business?

If you’re planning on going abroad and setting up a business, one of the first things you will have to do is decide on a destination. You may already have somewhere in mind, perhaps somewhere with a beach, palm trees and year-round sunshine.

Travelling The World Darryl’s Way

After being fed up of the English non-summers and cold winters Darryl and his wife Lindy decided to make their dreams into reality, travelling the world experiencing Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney and now Thailand.

Working with Freelances Across the Seas: A Guide for Employers

I often write about tips for becoming a remote worker. But what if you are considering hiring a remote worker instead? It can be a great decision for any business. Not only will you be able to hire the best people for the job irrespective of where they live, but you may also be able […]

The Fax Isn’t Dead Yet! Online Services You Can Use While Working Remotely

You may think that faxing has had its day. However, like all dying technologies, people seem to predict their demise for many years before they actually disappear.

Cutting Back on Costs When Working Remotely

Part of the attraction of working remotely in a different country is that you can earn at the same time as you travel, meaning you don’t have to save up a small fortune in advance in order to experience new countries and cultures.

How to Quickly Put Down Roots in a New Country

For anyone who decides to travel to a different country to work, if they are planning to stay for a few months or longer then it is important that they put down roots as soon as possible.