Deciding on Your Destination? Here are Some of the Best Countries for Flexible Working

Deciding on a destination is one of the hardest things about going abroad to work remotely. Many factors will come into play, including the ease of getting online, the cost of living and the amount of sunshine you can expect to enjoy.

One factor that you may be concerned with is which countries are the best when it comes to providing greater flexibility in the workplace. Now, the results of a new survey are out that provide some more details on the top countries for flexible working.

NatWest International Personal Banking Survey

The results of the NatWest International Personal Banking Survey show that the top countries when it comes to flexible working are:

  1. Australia (85% of expats say the country is good for flexible working)
  2. New Zealand (79%)
  3. United States (78%)
  4. Canada (76%)
  5. France (74%)

What about at the other end of the list? China did badly with just 53%, followed by the United Arab Emirates (48%) and Singapore (47%). Clearly, there were only a certain number of countries on the list, however, these tend to be the main destinations for British expats so you now have at least some idea of which countries will be best if you are looking for flexible work.

Dave Isley, the head of NatWest International Personal Banking, said that flexible working is making lives easier for expats. He said that a good work-life balance is a key decision for expats when choosing a country, and that more employers are now providing this option around the world. He also suggested that it is a good option for employers because they will attract the best employees as a result.

Technology Improving Lives of Expats

The survey also revealed the effect that technology is having on British expats’ lives. Some of the results include:

  • 94% said it improves efficiency
  • 93% enjoyed a better working life because of technology
  • 92% said it means they don’t have to travel as much
  • 86% said it saves time
  • 82% said it creates better mobility
  • 79% said technology was essential to their productivity
  • 67% said they can work flexibly because of it

The survey also revealed that technology skills are becoming increasingly important for employers abroad. Although speaking English is still a key requirement, more employers are now asking for good IT skills.

Expats in Singapore claimed to be the most proficient in IT skills, followed by expats in the United States, Canada and Hong Kong.

Keep this in Mind when Choosing Your Destination

If you want to enjoy flexible hours when working for an employer in another country, the results of this survey should be of interest. The survey is a reminder that it is always important to research your destination before leaving home because these factors can be crucial when you arrive.

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