Evernote Alternatives to Try

Evernote Alternatives to Try

I love Evernote, as I’ve mentioned on this blog many times before. Note-taking tools are so useful for remote workers, and Evernote is my favourite.

But it is not the only note-taking tool around, and there are actually a number of good tools that you may prefer over Evernote. Here are a few of its best rivals in case you want to play around with them and try out something different.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft’s note application has been steadily improving over the years until it can now be considered a real rival to Evernote. It comes with the Office suite, although you can also get it as an app for your smartphone.

It allows you to make notes in a number of formats including text, images and voice recordings. You can also dictate notes, which then appear as written text. It is easy to use, but it does not have as many features as Evernote. Still, it could be a good option if you are an Office user.

Google Keep

Google’s version of a note-taking app is very simple to use, and it is a good option for creating lists and reminders. It is available primarily as an Android app, but there is a web version as well, and there is also a Chrome extension.

Everything syncs together automatically so that you can go back and forth from your computer to your app, and the user interface is very simple. There is also the option to pay for extra storage should you need it.


As the name suggests, this is another note-taking tool that focuses on simplicity. It is available for numerous devices including phones, and there is also a web app.

It keeps features to a minimum to keep things simple, but if this is all you need then it is a good option. It has an interesting feature where you can go back to previous versions of a note if you need to check something or you make a mistake. The tag and search function is also very effective.


This is a paid option, but it is free for individuals and small teams. It is more work focused, and it is designed with collaboration in mind. It contains a number of excellent organisational tools, and it is one of the more powerful tools available.

You can use it to take and share notes, turn notes into tasks, complete projects and generally get more done. It is particularly useful for specialised uses like campaign planning and project management.

Try Them Out Yourself

These are some of the note-taking tools I’ve played with over the months. I find that Evernote does everything I need, but you may well find that you prefer one of these alternatives. A good note-taking app is essential for remote workers, so try them out for yourself and see how you get along.

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