First Thoughts For A First Post On

Welcome to, I hope you will enjoy reading this blog. We will aim to cover many different aspects of finding the freedom in your life to live and work from wherever you choose. Despite a wide variety of topics, in essence, this is a blog dedicated to three things;

  1. How To Work Successfully Online
  2. How The Web Can Create Freedom In Both Your Work and Home Life
  3. How You Can Use Both Of The Above To Live Where and How You Choose

As well as this blog, I also run a number of travel related websites and an online marketing blog at I work with a number of clients based back in my home country, the UK, on their online marketing campaigns too. In the last tweleve months, my fiancee and I have been lucky enough to live in 5 countries. Within that timeframe, I’ve learnt a lot about online working. I’ve enjoyed some great successes, some horrible failures, learnt from good advice and allowed myself to occasionally follow bad advce too.

From the posts of, I hope to show you everything I have learnt from my own experiences and mix these with the insights from a number of people who are currently working online from the country and/or circumstance of their choice.

More than anything, I hope you find something within these pages that brings more choice and freedom to your own life. Whether that’s living in another country, or simply finding ways to create a wee bit of daily peace for yourself, I hope these pages help.

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