Get More from Google Hangouts

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Get More from Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts has become an incredibly popular tool for remote workers all over the world. If you have a Google+ account, you can create hangouts with ease and speak to multiple people via video feed from wherever you are. But if you use Hangouts, are you sure you’re getting the most out of them? Here are a few features that you might not have used yet.

Share Screens

There is a screen sharing app that you can use from directly within Hangouts that can be a great tool for a whole range of things. It could help with holding presentations and during meetings, and it could also be used to provide better support to clients or team members.

Change Bandwidth

If you are working on the go, you may not have a great internet connection. Perhaps you’re working from a café or other public place. If your call is affected by this, you can easily change the bandwidth. Just click the icon at the top of the window and you can choose a lower setting. You can then get on with other things while still holding your video call.


Google Drive is a great tool for remote workers if you do not use it already. Its collaboration possibilities are fantastic, and you can take advantage of these from directly within a Hangout. Using Drive, you can have a whole team of people all editing a document while speaking, which can be perfect when working with other team members rather than sending documents back and forth via email.

Watch YouTube Together

If you want to watch a video at the same time, you can do this from directly within Hangouts. You may have prepared a video that you want everyone to watch together and then comment on it, and Hangouts makes it easy. It even mutes the microphone automatically when the video starts playing.

Enhance Your Customer Service

You could use Hangouts to provide better customer service to your clients and customers. By inviting them to a Hangout, you can help to solve problems face to face, which will be appreciated by your customers and can be a great trust builder.

Use It On the Go

You are not limited to using Hangouts on your computer. If you are often out and about during the working day, download the app on both iOS and Android and carry on your video chats wherever you are.

Work Better with Hangouts

If you haven’t experimented with these features of Hangouts yet, give them a go. They can help you to get even more out of your remote work whatever you do, so try them out today.

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