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Following on from the previous post, Live Blog Abroad, now we need to discuss how to get your Blog live on the internet so that you can make some money with it. So we’re going to talk about the different types of blogs first, then talk about getting it hosted on a server so that it is live on the internet and ready to make sales. So without further ado…

Blogs are more than just diaries.

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Your blog can be so much more than just a commentary on your daily life, essentially they can be one of three types, and dependant on the one you choose, will give your blog its focus.

The three types are.

A personal blog…

This is really a daily diary, and whilst this may be interesting as an insight into your daily life, it’s probably not going to make you much money because your readers are not going to expect to be sold to. It’s a bit like a salesman cold calling at your house, 99.9% of the time you’re not going to buy anything because you’re not in a buyers mindset. In fact you just get annoyed and shut the door; similarly your readers will click away too.

A business blog…

The difference here is that when your readers read about a company, they are expecting to be sold to, because they want to know about your business and what you do. They may have even searched for your blog, looking for specific information or products.

An information/ Problem/Solution blog…

These blogs are great to run, remember in the previous post I mentioned that people love stories, well a good story that starts with a problem and ends with the solution have huge appeal, and guess what they’re easy to make money with too. Especially if they offer some education, are entertaining and engaging to read. Of course the solution to the problem in the story is what you’re selling.

If you understand the purpose of your blog before you sit down to write it, you’ll know what it’s for and you’ll be able to focus your articles.

Ok so I’m going to assume you’ve read about Keywords, I’ll give you the coffeeKicks link again at the bottom if not. Now decide what you’re blog is for and the type of blog you would like to write, based on the above.

Now let’s think about getting your new blog live onto the internet…

Domain names and Hosting.

Something else you need to think about is the method that you’re going to use to launch your blog, you have a choice, you can either use the “Free Method,” or as I like to call it the “Pro method,” let’s take a look at these then you can decided which is best for you.

Free Method

Quite obviously it’s not going to cost you any money to set up, and you can have a blog ready to write to in minutes.

First choose you’re blogging platform, and there’s a few you can use, for example Blogger and WordPress, a Google search will reveal more but those two are the most popular. Sign up and give you blog its name and you’re ready to go. Doing it this way your blogs internet address, or URL, will be a sub domain of the platform you’ve chosen, so it would look something like…

That is if you’ve used WordPress. There is a downside to this method, and it’s a biggie. Most people don’t realise this, but if you use this method WordPress will own all of your content, and if they don’t like it, can shut your blog down. Whereas if you use the…

Pro Method.

You own all of the content and you can write what you like. This is by far the best way to do it. You still use one of the blogging platforms but you’re just going to use their software and not their servers.

To do this you need to register a Domain Name of your own, with a domain registrar; it cost less than £10 to do this. Then you rent hosting space on a hosting company’s server and upload your blogging platform and domain name to it, it’s very simple and there are step by step guides to help you. You also can get a dedicated email address to for a real professional finish. Now your URL will look something like this…

This is by far the best way to do it, especially if you aim to make some money.

So for now, think of a catchy domain name, register it then find your hosting company. Most domain registrars will offer hosting too to simplify things for you.

In the next post, we’ll talk about a theme for your blog, in the meantime here’s the link to the keywords articles on coffeekicks.

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