Greater Numbers of Skilled People Moving Abroad

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has released a study which found that professional people are moving abroad on a greater scale than ever before, as reported in the BBC.

Between 2000 and 2006, there was a rise of 44% in the number of educated people migrating from upper- and middle-income countries, and a rise of 28% from lower-income countries.

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Why the Increase?

The increase in highly educated people emigrating to different countries to work is mainly due to the lack of talent in local markets. Many businesses simply cannot find the qualified people in the area in which they are operating, and need to increase their scope to fill their positions.

As more companies expand to work in a greater number of countries, the opportunities for finding work abroad are increasing. Companies need to find skilled technicians, engineers, managers and leaders with the relevant training and experiences, all of which means if you have the right skills then you may stand a better chance of finding a position overseas.

Where Do They Go?

According to the research, Brazil, India and China are the three countries most likely to import foreign workers with the right skills.

This is hardly surprising as these huge burgeoning economies are desperate to grow and don’t want to be held back by a lack of local talent.

However, skilled workers are moving all over the world into new positions. For example, many companies operating in the finance industry in the US and the UK are also relying on foreign workers to fill their top positions.

Reasons for Moving

The main motivation for moving abroad seems to be to earn more money and enjoy a better lifestyle. However, the packages on offer for relocation are not currently as generous as they were a few years ago, and that may well be due to the pressures of the recession.

That would suggest that once the world has got through the latest economic problems there may be even more and better opportunities for those workers with the right skills.

More Opportunities Abroad than Ever

This research has put into focus the increase in the amount of companies looking to move highly skilled people between countries, and it is another way in which opportunities are improving for those who want to move abroad to work.

However, you don’t have to be a highly-skilled engineer or a major executive to get the opportunity to move abroad. Anyone can do it these days, and even if your company does not want to move you abroad you can still take it upon yourself and use your own initiative to go ahead with your big move, whether that involves working as a freelancer or setting up your own business in your new country.

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