How Remote Working is Changing Business Culture

Working from anywhere, discovering new countries while you work, doing something that you love and having the freedom to plan your life around your work are all strong motivations for people who want to leave the office and start working remotely.

However, there are also a number of benefits to be had for companies that decide to allow their staff to work remotely, so much so that remote working is set to become far more common over the coming years for companies all over the world. Here are a few things that companies can expect to get from allowing their staff to work remotely.

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Recruit Staff from Anywhere

Companies often have problems attracting the most suitable employees to fill their positions. By hiring remote workers, you no longer have to hire people who live within commuting distance from the office. You can look much further for suitable people, and can even find skilled professionals in other countries.

Office Location Less Important

Many companies need to be located in the centres of large cities so that staff can commute to work with greater ease. However, when staff work remotely, there is no need to commute. You can therefore have your office on the outskirts of a city or out in the countryside without causing any difficulties.

Less Space Required

Companies that hire remote workers do not need as much space in their offices. You could instead have a small central office fitted up with a few desks and computers that can be shared by all the employees based on a schedule. This will lead to lower rental costs and lower spending on equipment.

Happier Workforce

By giving your employees the opportunity to work remotely, you may find that they are happier and more content, which could lead to a more productive workforce.

Greener Company

If your employees work remotely there is less need for them to travel to work, and this could lead to large CO2 savings as a result. This could be very useful if you want to promote your company as a green company and improve your environmental credentials. There will also be less need to spend large sums on lighting, air conditioning and heating if you only have a small office, again helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Is Remote Working Right for Your Company?

If you have not considered the option of remote working for your staff, it could be worth looking into further. There are many potential benefits to be had, so start by reviewing all of your working practices and the tasks that your staff carry out and find out which of these could be completed remotely. If you are still unsure, consider allowing some employees to work remotely for one day a week and see how it goes before allowing them to work remotely full-time.

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