How to Maintain the Home/Work Divide When Working Remotely

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How to Maintain the Home/Work Divide When Working Remotely

Working remotely provides you with a great amount of freedom, but it can also bring problems. One of these is the fact that it can sometimes be difficult to separate home and work life. This was the subject of a recent interview in Techradar, where Paul Thomas, the Vice President of Aspect Software, answered questions relating to working remotely.

Smart Devices Put Workers Under More Pressure

He suggested in the interview that although smart devices can increase productivity, they can also put remote workers under increased pressure to be productive, and he said that these devices need to be managed very carefully to enjoy the best results.

More workers are connected to their work at all times thanks to smartphones and tablets, but he claims it is essential to create a divide between work and home life otherwise it can lead to increased stress.

How to Separate Work Life from Home Life

Do you feel that you never really leave work behind? It’s alright for people who work in offices; they can turn off from work as soon as they leave the office. But leaving work behind can be a lot harder when your home is your place of work.

So how to do it?

Firstly, make sure you have a dedicated work space. Whether you work from your home or from a base in another country, try to have a space that you can call your office.  A separate room is ideal, but even an area in a room devoted to work is better than nothing. You may also want to work from other locations like cafes to help you get outside the home.

Be careful about when you check your emails and other work correspondence. It can be so easy to take your phone to bed with you and check your emails just before you go to sleep, or perhaps when you are out enjoying yourself, but this only prevents you from breaking away from your work.

Try to stick to regular working hours. Everyone works differently, but routine is important. Whether you work 9 to 5 or 12 to 8, try to have a clearly defined work time during which you can check your emails as much as you like. Then when the day comes to an end, leave your work behind. This could involve turning off the notifications on your smartphone so you don’t receive an alert when you receive new emails.

You may even be able to separate your phone into two different accounts: one for work and one for personal. Many phones come with two SIM card slots, so that could also be an option. If that doesn’t work, consider getting two smartphones and using one exclusively for work.

Enjoy the Freedom of Remote Working

The very reason many people work remotely is to enjoy greater freedom, so make sure you can separate your home and work life effectively. The prevalence of smart devices means many people feel like they have to stay connected to work 24/7, but try to create a divide and enjoy the freedom of remote working.

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