How to Quickly Put Down Roots in a New Country

For anyone who decides to travel to a different country to work, if they are planning to stay for a few months or longer then it is important that they put down roots as soon as possible.

Whilst getting to know the local expat population is a great way to settle in, travellers who really want to make their new country feel like home should make an effort to mingle with the local people. Here are a few tips to getting established in a new country as soon as possible.

Learn the Lingo

There is no better way to settle into a new country than to learn the local language. People who are moving to a country where English is not the primary language should do themselves a favour and learn as much as they can before they arrive. Even learning the basics can help, but the more they speak the easier it will be for them to settle in.

Meet Local People

New arrivals should do their best to try and meet some local people. Local friends can not only be an invaluable source of information and support, but they will also make the experience of living abroad more interesting. One excellent way to meet locals is to join up with a language exchange programme. This way remote workers can work on their language skills for free while meeting local people at the same time

People who have a hobby should also find out whether there is a club in their new destination. Hobbies are always a great way to meet likeminded people anywhere in the world.

Shop Local

Rather than always going to the larger supermarkets to shop, remote workers should try to shop in their local stores and stop for a drink in their local café. This often provides a way to become more familiar with the local people, and when they start to greet the shopkeepers and café owners it can help them to feel more at home.

Learn About the Local Situation

Expats often find that many people they meet want to know about their home country, but it is also a good idea to find out as much as possible about the country they are staying in. This could include reading up about the politics, watching the most talked-about TV programmes and finding out who the local celebrities are. By doing this, remote workers will find that they have more to talk about and will also show that they care about the country that they are living in.

Enjoy Local Customs

Every new country will have food, drink and social customs that are unique to that part of the world. New arrivals should try everything and delve straight in. The local people will love to see outsiders get involved, and it can help to make anyone feel more like one of the locals rather than a tourist.

Get a Part-Time Job

People who are working remotely from their homes while abroad may want to consider getting a part-time job in a local bar or café if their visas allow it. If so, this can be a perfect way to integrate more in the culture and feel at home.

Get Settled in No Time

These are just a few suggestions for settling down and establishing roots in a new country for anyone who decides to work remotely. Getting to know some expats is a good idea, but remote workers should not forget about immersing themselves in the local community as this is one of the best things about living in a different country.

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