How to Take Your Job Online Before You Go Abroad

If you are keen to start working remotely from abroad and you have got the initial OK from your boss, it may be tempting to just clear your desk straight away and book your flight.

However, you could certainly benefits from sitting back for a while and taking your time in making the big move. There are a lot of things that you can do to improve your chances of making your experience more successful, and here are a few that you may want to consider.

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Turn to Online Software

If you use a number of desktop software solutions in your job then it is time to start looking into online alternatives. Sometimes you may be able to find the same software in an online version, and other times you may have to find an alternative.

The benefit of using online software is that you always have access to it as long as you can connect to the internet, so it does not matter where you work from and which device you use.

For example, if you currently rely on Microsoft Word and Excel, try out Google Docs instead which has much of the same functions but operates online and is also free.

Also consider setting up a VPN for you, your clients and your colleagues to access. This will enable you to set up a secure network which you can all access from anywhere, and it could prove to be a very useful move for your whole team.

Instruct Your Colleagues

Once you start to find new software solutions that you can use from abroad, you may have to explain these to your colleagues before you go away. They may be unfamiliar with them, and instead of waiting to arrive in your new destination before you find this out, it is a good idea to iron out any problems long before you leave home.

Find Solutions to Potential Problems

Do you have lots of meetings with clients and workmates? Do you send and receive lots of packages in the post? These are some of the things which you may need to find solutions to before you pack up and leave.

Make a list of all of your functions in your job and then go through them, working out the jobs that you can do from anywhere already, and the ones where you may need to look into alternatives.

For example, you may want to carry out your face-to-face meetings online via Skype, or start to use an online faxing solution like PamFax rather than a machine.

There are usually ways around things, but it does take a bit of time and effort to work out which are the most convenient in your situation.

Look Into Backup Solutions

It will be very important to work out a way of backing up your work when you work remotely. In your office you may have a backup solution for all of the devices, but if you are on your own on the other side of the world it may be a different story.

If you rush into your move abroad and then lose your computer or the hard drive breaks and you have not sorted out a backup solution it could spell the end of your trip.

Dropbox is one possible online backup solution, but there are plenty of others. Using these, your colleagues and clients can still get access to all of your files as well which could make it easy to transfer documents and collaborate on projects.

Establish Your Personal Office

Make a place for yourself at home where you can work and then start to work from there for perhaps one day a week or fortnight. There are some problems that you will only become aware of when you are not actually in the office, so it is important to practice for a while before you decide to make the big move.

But to be really prepared for working remotely, you need to try it out for yourself in the field and that means going to somewhere with a Wi-Fi connection and seeing if you can still work from there. When you go abroad, your internet connection might go down or anything could happen, but you will still need to be able to work. So see how well you can do this from somewhere public and then if any issues arise you can fix them before you move abroad.

Go Remote Full-Time

Once you have made all of these preparations, you will be in a much better position to work remotely on a full-time basis. Just remember that, no matter how excited you are about going abroad, don’t rush into it. It is a big change, so spend a few weeks or months preparing for the move and you will find yourself in a much better position to start working remotely on a permanent basis.

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