Latest Working Abroad Figures: Heading Overseas Becoming More Popular?

Latest Working Abroad Figures: Heading Overseas Becoming More Popular?

Many people decide that a life of working overseas is for them. It can be a great way to travel the world and earn money at the same time, or to settle down somewhere new and experience a different culture.

But how many people actually share this dream? Two new pieces of research – both focusing on Brits – have come out recently that shed a bit more light on the desire to work overseas.

A Quarter of Graduates Want to Work Overseas

The first research comes from the UK Graduate Barometer survey from trendence. This is an annual survey of graduates, and this time 27,000 were interviewed. The latest results suggest that as many as a quarter of all graduates are planning to work overseas.

It does not state whether they will be working remotely or finding employment, but there is a good chance many of them will be taking their laptops with them and working on the go.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the results mark a big increase from the last time the survey was carried out. Asked the same question at the beginning of 2013, only 20.6% of the graduates intended to go overseas. The year before that, the number was 18.3%.

Why is this? The recession and the perception that better opportunities lie elsewhere?

Or the growing awareness of remote working? Either way, this could be a trend that continues for a while yet.

1-in-10 Job Hunters Are Looking Abroad

Some separate research from Indeed Hiring Lab, and reported at, looked at where people are actively looking for work and found that in the UK, 10% of job seekers are looking for work abroad. This is interesting because it uses actual search results to compile the data.

France was the top destination for job hunters, with the USA, South Africa, Italy and Canada also proving popular. As for the type of work they were looking for, accounting, marketing and hotel work were some of the most popular.

Could Working Abroad Be for You?

This latest research suggests that moving abroad to work is a dream of many, and that it could be becoming even more popular as the years go on. If you decide to work overseas, don’t just look for job opportunities with employers – remember that remote working can provide you with greater freedom, which could be exactly what you want.

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