Managing Remote Workers: Top Tools for Bosses

Being a remote worker is great, but what about managing a team of remote workers? Whether you are the boss of a company and choose to have your employees working from home, or you work with a team of freelancers, there are a number of tools that may come in handy to make your life easier. Here are some of the best.


Project management tools can be very useful when you are managing a large remote team. Basecamp is often highlighted as one of the best, but another one you may want to try is Asana. This is a free tool, so you can’t go too far wrong, and it is ideal for smaller businesses on a budget. It’s a great way to keep track of everything all in one place, and you can use it on the web and on mobile devices.


Although video meetings are becoming more common, the idea of having a video link on at all times is something that has not really been done before. That’s where Sqwiggle comes in. It is a video workroom that provides video links for all of the members of your remote team, making them available to contact instantly instead of having to arrange chats.

Home Office

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The idea is that it encourages those spontaneous chats that arise in an office environment without having to plan an official meeting, and although it may seem like a strange concept at first, it could well catch on.


This is a good tool for tracking the expenses of your remote team and creating expense reports. You can install it on the mobile devices of your employees, and they can then make a record of their expenses on the go by taking photos of their receipts. Their mileage is also worked out using their phones’ GPS, and you can also use it to track the hours they spend on projects.

HiveDesk & Worksnaps

I’ve lumped these two tools together because they both do a similar thing but in different ways. These are tools for tracking the time that your remote employees spend on projects, which is useful if you are paying them by the hour.

HiveDesk is a time tracking tool that makes it easy to manage numerous people all working on different projects. They can simply check into their projects from the hub, and the tool will then track the time they spend working. It automatically ads up the information for each day to a timesheet so that you can find out how many hours they have worked on a project each week, and it can even take screenshots randomly so you know that your employees are working.

Worksnaps is an even more comprehensive tool that has a greater focus on screenshots. It can take screenshots of your workers’ computers every 20 minutes, and can even track mouse movements and keyboard activity. It even has a webcam option so you can see the workers at their computers. It may be a bit too invasive for some companies, but it’s an interesting idea if you need to keep a close eye on your employees.

Try Them Out for Yourself

These tools are just some of the best options for bosses managing teams of remote workers, so give them a go yourself. You may find that some of them are just what you are looking for and make your life a lot easier.




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