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For some people writing a blog is for fun or it’s just a hobby, but for others it’s all about making some money, and as that’s the name of the game for us here, I’m going to describe three simple ways that you can use to get your blog to provide an income.

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Here we go…

Google Adsense. You open a Google Adsense account, it’s FREE, and set up the type of adverts you would like on your site, in terms of size colour etc. Google then provides you with some Html code that you copy and paste into the source code of you site.

Once you’ve done that when you next look on your site you will see adverts that Google has put on your site automatically. The good thing about this method is that it is very simple, and you will earn some money every time a visitor to your site clicks on one of those adverts. The adverts will be compatible for your site, so you don?t have to worry about them being irrelevant.

An Affiliate product. You are likely to make the most money using this method. And you can find affiliate products to advertise from a site like Just choose a product that goes with the theme of your blog, and place the ad (they usually come with some pre made ads that you can use) on you site. You earn a commission on every sale that you make. Similar to Clickbank, you can sign up as an affiliate of Amazon and place their Adverts on you site, and as before you will earn a commission on every sale.

You may of course have your own product to sell and it’s simply a matter of advertising that on you blog. It largely depends on what you want to sell, as there are other opportunities, for example there’s also the EBay affiliate network. You may want to sell advertising space to others for their products. These are just is the tip of the iceberg, but they offer a good start.

So now you’ve got a really nice blog that looks good, has lots of unique SEO content and its monetised.

Now for the last piece of the puzzle…


Visitors to your blog, or traffic, is the life blood of any online business, if no one goes to your blog to read what you’ve written and to click on your Ads, or to buy your affiliate products then what’s the point. You MUST get Traffic.

And not just any traffic, this is the mistake that many bloggers and marketers make; they get loads of visitors, just not the right ones. What you need is Targeted Traffic.

You need to attract the right kind of visitor to your blog, visitors that are going to be interested in what you have to say, and not someone that ‘you’ve just grabbed off the street,’ so to speak, this is where good keyword orientated SEO content really pays dividends, as then people who come to your blog will be interested. Think of it this way…Targeted Traffic = More Sales.

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