More Students Opting to Study Abroad and Escape High Tuition Fees

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It is not only jobseekers in Britain who are opting for a new life overseas: now the number of students applying to foreign universities has also soared.

The news comes as the first batch of students face the prospect of paying the increased £9,000 tuition fees when they start university in 2012. It seems that many students are realising that there are other – often less expensive – options to studying in the UK.

£27,000 for three years at university is going to be quite a large amount for many students – and parents – to cough up, so the appeal of heading abroad to a country with cheaper fees is obvious.

It is for this reason that, according to this article in the Telegraph, parents are paying for their children to travel abroad to visit foreign campuses to have a better idea about the options that are available to them.

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Popular Study Options

One of the most popular choices seems to be the USA, which is surprising because it is often thought of as having very high fees.

The Netherlands is also proving to be a popular option. Many courses here are taught entirely in English, and as well as cheaper fees, students can also take advantage of a potential grant from the Dutch government. And with a train journey of only a few hours from London, it doesn’t seem so far away after all.

More Than Just the Money

But it’s not just about the money: more people are now realising that a degree from a foreign university could provide them with a competitive edge in what is proving to be a very difficult job market.

An internationally recognised degree from overseas might get more attention from potential employers as well as suggesting that the student is more independent.

Changing Times

Although the number of students applying to foreign universities is still relatively low, this could well prove to be a turning of the tide. Even in other countries across the world where the fees are just as high as in the UK, the cost of living is often a lot cheaper, meaning over time many more students may end up looking further for possible study options.


For those students who do end up going overseas to study, the adventure of a lifetime awaits. Perhaps they’ll enjoy it so much that they decide to stay on working abroad? That option is also becoming a lot more popular, and those who have a degree from a foreign university may find that they are even better suited to get a job overseas.

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