Outsourcing Overseas Grows in Popularity

Outsourcing Overseas Grows in Popularity

2,200 small businesses recently took part in a survey by Freelancer.co.uk to answer questions about how much outsourcing to other countries they were currently doing, and the results were revealed this month.

The survey, the results of which were published in Techwatch, found that outsourcing to developing countries has grown dramatically in the last year – by a total of 35%.

Pakistan, the Philippines and India were the most popular places to outsource work to, and the popularity of China was also growing.

The survey also found that businesses are planning to hire even more overseas freelancers in 2015.

Why Is Overseas Outsourcing Increasing in Popularity?

There are many reasons why outsourcing overseas is becoming more popular. According to the survey, businesses outsource more because:

  • They can hire people to do specialised tasks that they cannot do themselves.
  • They are able to increase their capacity by not having to turn down work.
  • They can take advantage of the cheaper price of hiring foreign freelancers.

Why This Is Good News for Remote Workers

The fact that more businesses are prepared to hire people overseas means that the practice is becoming normalised. As it continues to grow in popularity, confidence in the practice will increase, and that means more opportunities for you.

Businesses now have more confidence in hiring someone overseas due to the increase in dedicated outsourcing websites and the simple project management systems they incorporate.

Whether you find clients via a website like Elance or through your own marketing efforts, businesses are less likely to turn you down just because you are overseas than they perhaps would have five years ago.

Must You Charge Reduced Rates?

Although many companies hire overseas freelancers because they are attracted by the lower rates, this does not mean that you will have to charge less if you are based in another country.

The fact that you are a native English speaker will often encourage them to pay a premium for your services. If you are of the same nationality, there are no cultural barriers in the way, and your clients can enjoy the same flexibility of working with a freelancer overseas but without any language or cultural differences.

Of course, if you live in a country where the cost of living is lower, you may be able to charge lower fees as well, making you yet more competitive.

Now Is the Perfect Time to Work Remotely from Overseas

The results of the survey suggest that the practice of hiring people overseas is changing. It is likely that the number of businesses prepared to hire workers from other countries is only going to increase over the coming years, making this an ideal time to work remotely.

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