How to Put Your Clients at Ease When You Move Abroad

If you are in the position where you already work remotely, and you are planning on going abroad for a time, there is one area where you may have concerns: your clients.

How exactly do you tell your clients that you are emigrating? And will they mind where you choose to work from? Here’s some advice on an area which often causes concern amongst people choosing to work abroad.

Prepare for the Changes

Before you tell your clients that you are going to be working from abroad for a while, carefully consider all of the work practices which are likely to change, such as meetings, phone calls and sending documents by mail. If there are likely to be any large changes, look for solutions before you decide to tell your clients so that you have answers ready for them.

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For example, if there is going to be a large time difference then this might well concern your clients. Plan how you will deal with this, such as choosing new hours of work so that you are closer to your clients’ working hours.

Also make sure you sort out your new contact details early on. If you use Skype then you can set up a UK number that your clients can use to call you whilst you are abroad, and these sorts of things should be planned well in advance to give your clients time to prepare for the changes.

How to Tell Your Clients

Once you have planned the changes and have sorted out solutions to any potential problems, tell your clients. Try to inform them a month or so in advance that you are going to be working abroad for a period of time, but that you will be carrying on working as normal. This will give them time to get used to any new technology that you will be using, such as Skype or Dropbox.

At the same time that you tell them, reassure them that they will not notice the difference very much. Highlight how your bank account is still in the UK, how you will be easy to contact on your new number and how work will be delivered by email or fax.

Be Honest

When you inform your clients about the changes, always be honest. If they are going to notice a lot of changes then it is only fair that they should be able to prepare for these.

Be open to any questions or doubts that they have, and make sure you put them at ease with your answers. They may be worried about certain aspects of the work such as getting in contact with you, and you should be prepared to explain everything to them in detail if necessary.

Most Clients Will Not Mind

Most of your clients, if not all, will be happy to continue working with you whilst you are abroad without any problems. The way the world is now, it is very normal to work with people based all over the world. If you are already working remotely then they are unlikely to mind where you are.

As long as you are honest, you explain everything to your clients clearly, you help them out with any issues they have and help them to get set up with any technology solutions which you will be relying on, then you should find that you encounter no problems at all.

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