Should You Join In?

The economic woes in Europe have been responsible for a startling turn around in the traditional emigration routes. Whereas over the past decades people from the southern hemisphere and less economically developed countries have sought out a new life in Europe, now the tables appear to have turned.

Residents of Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain and other economies which have been badly affected in recent months and years are now leaving their homes and seeking out new lives in the very countries from which immigrants have been arriving for so many years.

Freedom of the Seas liner in Southampton © by heystax

Emigration Figures

A recent article in The Guardian provides some figures in this reversal in the standard migration patterns, and the numbers are quite surprising:

- 10,000 Portuguese have recently left their homeland for Angola
– 2,500 Greeks have left for Australia
– In the 12 months to April 2011, over 40,000 passport holders left Ireland, compared to just 27,000 the previous year

New Opportunities

The depressing economic situation in many European countries is the driving force behind the new wave of emigrations. It would have been unthinkable only a few years ago for so many people from rich European countries to head abroad to destinations in South America and Africa for work opportunities.

But with high unemployment and a lack of opportunities, people are looking further afield to destinations which previously have not been able to offer them any convincing reasons to leave their homes.

Booming economies like Brazil are proving to be especially popular. Brazil recently overtook the UK as the world’s sixth largest economy, and the opportunities available here are growing, especially for Portuguese people who speak the language.

Could You Join in the New Migration?

Even if you are not from one of the harder hit economies, now still might be a great moment to start planning your own long-term trip abroad. The UK has not been hit as hard as Spain and Greece, but things are still pretty grim, and a trip to a new country could provide you with an opportunity to learn a new language, enjoy a new way of life and escape the miserable weather all in one.

The problem for many people is the question of what to do. If you’re skilled, you may find plenty of countries willing to take you in. However, if you are not a doctor or dentist, there are still plenty of opportunities available.

Work for Yourself

Working online is one of the most obvious choices. You are not restricted by your location so you can do it anywhere, and that means if the move abroad does not work out then you can go back home and still have a job.

By setting up a business, consultancy or freelance practice that you can operate online you can have your own virtual office which you can take with you anywhere. It’s easier than you may think, and many people are doing just that and having a great time as well as enjoying enormous success.

So now that the uncertain economic situation in Europe has led to a new wave of migrations, could it be time you started to look at your own opportunities abroad as well?

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