So Where Exactly Is the Best Place to Live Abroad?

So Where Exactly Is the Best Place to Live Abroad?

A few pieces of research have come out recently looking at the best places to live abroad for expats. If you are considering a life overseas to work remotely but have not yet decided on your destination, it’s always good to have an idea about which countries are proving popular with other expats.

Quality of Life Index – Top 12 Countries

The seventh annual Quality of Life index (reported here in the Telegraph), which was carried out by the Centre for Future Studies and released by NatWest International Personal Banking recently, provided a list of the 12 top destinations for British expats this year.

Australia is top of the list, with 89% of British expats living in Australia claiming their quality of life has improved since moving. Other advantages were better health, better quality of life and more disposable income.

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Canada was second, and the United Arab Emirates was third for the second year running. Here high disposable income and excellent career prospects were seen as big advantages.

After that came Singapore and China, which seem to have pushed European destinations further down the list with France, Spain and Portugal coming 10th, 11th and 12th respectively. This could suggest a shift in attitudes to the Far East, especially seeing as 71% of expats went to China for the job prospects and 87% said they earned more than in the UK.

The Expat Insider 2014 Survey

The Expat Insider 2014 Survey, again reported in the Telegraph, was another survey looking at the best places to live, and this was commissioned by InterNations. A total of 14,000 expats completed the survey, all from various nationalities, and they were asked about aspects of living abroad including work, leisure and quality of life.

Ecuador topped the list as the best place to live. It got the best result for the ease of making friends and it also scored highly for feeling at home. Cheap prices, great weather and affordable healthcare were also seen as tempting reasons to move here.


Luxembourg was second in the list, and this was mainly due to it being a good destination for finding work. Two thirds of expats in Luxembourg said that career opportunities here were the main reason for their move, and it is seen as a good place to earn a high income.

Research Your Ideal Destination

It can help to get an idea about what other expats are saying about their destinations before you decide on where to go. If you will be working remotely, other things to consider include the availability of internet and the cost of living, but factors like the weather, the expat community and the ease of travelling back home can all come into play.

Of course, the great thing about working remotely is if you do find that your chosen destination is not working out, you can simply try out somewhere else.

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