Staying in Touch with Business Contacts Back Home

Staying in touch with business contacts is crucial in order to maintain good working relationships. One of the largest perceived problems with working overseas is staying in touch with your business contacts back home, but actually it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

So how should you go about maintaining your business relationships? Here are a few key things to consider.

Use Social Media

One of the best ways to keep in touch on a regular basis is to keep your social media profiles active. By constantly updating your Twitter and Facebook profiles, you can ensure that you will regularly pop up when your business contacts look at their own profiles, and this can be an effortless and effective way to maintain contact with people who you do not see frequently.

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Set Up a Local Number

Using Skype, set up a local number in the destination where the majority of your clients are based. For example, if most of your contacts are in the UK, set up a UK number. They can then contact you by calling this UK number and paying the standard price for a local or national call, and Skype will transfer the call to you over the internet. For your clients, it will be like you are living down the road.

Face-to-Face Chats

If you are worried about being too far away to meet up with your contacts in person, arrange more video chats. You can easily hold face-to-face meetings online using software like Skype, but there are also more comprehensive solutions available. Face-to-face chats are very important in many types of work, but you don’t have to miss out on them just because you are overseas.

Make Sure You Are Always in Contact

When you work remotely, make even more effort to ensure you are always in contact. If your contacts find it hard to get in touch with you, this will only reinforce the idea that your physical location is a problem, so make it easy for them. Take your smartphone with you everywhere and check your emails regularly, update your social media accounts on the go, and set up call forwarding to your mobile so you can always take those important calls.

Try to make more effort in general to keep in touch. If you have not been in contact with someone for a while, drop them an email asking how they are doing. It’s not hard to do, but it can make a big difference.

Being Abroad Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Keep in Touch

Just because you are working overseas, it doesn’t mean you cannot keep in touch with your business contacts just as well. With the technology available today, it’s easy to stay in touch in a number of different ways. So keep the above tips in mind and make sure you put the effort into staying in touch with your business contacts when you work remotely.


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