Getting Your Blog Onto The Internet

Following on from the previous post, Live Blog Abroad, now we need to discuss how to get your Blog live on the internet so that you can make some money with it. So we’re going to talk about the different types of blogs first, then talk about getting it hosted on a server so that […]

An Intro To Making Money Online By Blogging

Living and working abroad is a dream for many people, and that number is growing year on year, and for those who have been lucky enough to make the move, I say well done, that’s the first part of a fantastic lifestyle, I say first part because as the number of people between the ages […]

How to Market Yourself Online

If you work abroad as a self-employed person then part of the challenge is to make sure that you can find a steady stream of new clients. But is marketing for new work made more complicated by being abroad? Although there are certain marketing techniques which you will have greater difficulty carrying out (brochure distribution, […]