Living in Italy: Amy Moved From Britain to Puglia, Italy via Germany and Started To Write Enroute

Amy came to Southern Italy via Germany teaching English as she went.  She now runs one of the most popular expat Brit blogs online. Find out about her life in Puglia here.

Living In Tuscany – The Ups and Downs of Working in Italy by Sarah Mastroianni

I’d often heard that the best way to learn about a country’s culture and language was to go live there. So, from the moment that Italy first eked out a place in my heart when I was 15, I planned to one day return there and live. However, the transient life of a foreign exchange […]

Living In Italy – A Taste of Italian Expat Life from The Beehive with Steve and Linda

Steve and Linda left their home in the USA for Italy in the very late 1990’s. They now own a hotel in Rome and a Europe wide B&B agency, read about their expat experiences here.