Remote Working Is Growing in the UK

Remote Working Is Growing in the UK

Remote working continues to grow in popularity in the UK. After the Flexible Working Policy was introduced back in June last year, lots more employees are taking advantage of the opportunity to work from outside the office. A recent survey from Unify polled 15,000 Britons and found that 29 percent of respondents worked outside the […]

So Where Exactly Is the Best Place to Live Abroad?

So Where Exactly Is the Best Place to Live Abroad?

A few pieces of research have come out recently looking at the best places to live abroad for expats. If you are considering a life overseas to work remotely but have not yet decided on your destination, it’s always good to have an idea about which countries are proving popular with other expats. Quality of […]

Who Exactly Are Remote Workers?

Many people work remotely all over the world. This sometimes means working as an employee for a company but from home rather than in the office, but it can also mean working in a self-employed capacity from overseas.

Remote Work & Distractions: A BT Futurologist Speaks

A futurologist from BT, Nicola Millard, was recently quoted in The Guardian stating something that we have all known for quite a long time now. According to Millard, ‘knowledge-based workers’ no longer have to work in offices sitting at their desks because they can carry out their work with little more than a computer, internet […]

Where Can You Find the Fastest Internet Speeds Abroad?

Even though working remotely has become so much easier in recent years, most of that is due to the increasing speed and ubiquitousness of the internet. It really is the one thing that you absolutely must have access to if you want to work successfully on a remote basis.

Gary Kay Talks About His New Lifestyle And Future Plans In Spain

Being fed up of the 9-5 rat race Gary and his family took the plunge and decided to move to spain. Gary now runs his own business whilst living in the small village Algorfa in Costa Blanca, Spain

International Living: Chris Speaks About His Life In Thailand And His Plans For The Future

Being location independent for 8 years Chris tells us about his current life setting up businesses, helping others be successful online all whilst travelling the world.

Through Europe, Hollywood and Now the Netherlands – Lisette Sutherland and Her Life on Tour

Lisette has travelled the world. Living out of a van whilst on tour Lisette has travelled through Europe and Hollywood as a remote worker and now lives in the lovely small town of Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

Head In The Clouds: The Location Independent Office – The Kindle Ebook

How to set up and manage remote working from home, abroad, or wherever you wish! ****ONLY $4.99!**** Are you intrigued by remote working? Would you like to work from sunnier shores? Or enhance the freedoms your current work life offers you at home? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, this ebook is […]