Remote Working Is Growing in the UK

Remote Working Is Growing in the UK

Remote working continues to grow in popularity in the UK. After the Flexible Working Policy was introduced back in June last year, lots more employees are taking advantage of the opportunity to work from outside the office. A recent survey from Unify polled 15,000 Britons and found that 29 percent of respondents worked outside the […]

More Remote Working Tools to Try Out

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More Remote Working Tools to Try Out

I’m always on the lookout for useful tools to help me get more done when working remotely. I’ve recently been looking into some more tools that I’ve come across –Trello, Redbooth and FreeAgent – and I’ve written my thoughts below. Trello This is an interesting way of doing project management, and I was attracted by […]

Who Exactly Are Remote Workers?

Many people work remotely all over the world. This sometimes means working as an employee for a company but from home rather than in the office, but it can also mean working in a self-employed capacity from overseas.

Top Smartphone Apps for Living Abroad

The latest super phones were recently revealed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where devices like the Samsung S5 showed off the latest advances in mobile technology.

Become a Paperless Remote Worker in 5 Apps

Working remotely gives you the freedom to work wherever you want to in the world and to move about as you please, so it makes sense to take as little as possible with you.

The Eco-Friendly Option

Anyone who reads this blog regularly will know that I am always promoting the benefits of remote working. Freedom to live and work where you want to and the ability to do something that you love while seeing the world at the same time are just a couple of the benefits of working remotely.

Pros & Challenges of House Sitting for Remote Workers

Having just spent the last ten months house sitting and working remotely, I feel I’m in a good position to give an overview of what house sitting is and the pros and cons of house sitting for people who work remotely.