The 3 Best Tools for Working Remotely

If you decide to work remotely from abroad then you will almost certainly find yourself relying on a few very useful tools to help to minimise the distance between you and your clients. Here are three of the most useful.

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1. Email

It’s hard to think what life was like before emails came along, or just how much they have changed the way we work.

Before emails everything was sent by fax or snail mail. Now in almost any job emails play a huge role, being the primary way that people communicate.

Even though social media is growing and more people are communicating in this way, emails are here to stay, and when you work from abroad you will rely on them to a large extent.

2. Skype

Although video calling has not had the same huge effect on the workplace as emails, access to a Skype account (or any other VOIP service) is a massive bonus when you are working from abroad.

Cheap international calls are just one of the reasons to sign up to Skype. You can also hold video calls with your clients, share your screen and create a number which they can call for the price of a local call.

Being able to make and receive calls wherever you have internet access really frees you up to take your work with you, so even if you head away for a few days on a mini adventure in your new country, you can still communicate with your clients as if from home.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is a free service for backing up your files and transferring large files across the internet.

Backing up is hugely important wherever you live and work. But when you are abroad and relying on your client work to pay the bills, it is even more important.

If you lose your computer and all of your files, then as long as you have the most important ones backed up in Dropbox you will be able to access them from anywhere. On a side note, you should also be backing up all your work onto an external device as well just to be on the safe side.

Dropbox is also very useful for sending large files to your clients. Emails often have limits on the file sizes that you can send, so having a simple and quick way to transfer large files across the internet is very useful indeed.

Make Use of These Tools

These three tools are the starting point when you want to work abroad. With these three alone you may well be able to work from abroad a lot easier, but there are also others to look into such as VPNs. Anything that makes life easier for you and your clients is a good thing, so take advantage of everything you can.

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  1. Lisette Sutherland
    January 23, 2013

    I’ve been working remotely for almost 10 years, and I encourage all of my clients to use some sort of online project management software to track tasks, store files, schedule meetings, and/or document decisions. I find that it’s important for everyone to be able to see a project’s status at a glance.

    I also really like GoToMeeting. While Skype screen sharing and video conference capabilities are great, GoToMeeting allows for bigger groups to collaborate.

    • Phil Byrne
      Phil Byrne
      January 23, 2013

      Hi Lisette
      Thankyou for your comment, a good point about GoToMeeting. Had a look over your site, usually I don’t allow links within comments, but why don’t we look at doing an interview on you for the site? I think LWA readers would like to know more about you and your expertise?


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