The Eco-Friendly Option

Anyone who reads this blog regularly will know that I am always promoting the benefits of remote working. Freedom to live and work where you want to and the ability to do something that you love while seeing the world at the same time are just a couple of the benefits of working remotely.

However, even if you don’t travel around the world and live the life of a digital nomad but you simply work from home instead of in the office, there is one major benefit that should not be overlooked: remote working helps you to live a greener lifestyle.

New Research Points to Better Green Habits for Remote Workers

According to the results of the Telecommuting for Earth survey, which questioned American remote workers about their eco habits, people who work remotely take more actions to reduce their environmental impact (despite being focused on the USA, we can assume that the results would be similar anywhere).

The survey found that remote workers do more to help the environment when they work at home through taking numerous actions that they would otherwise not take if they were in the office. For example, remote workers are more likely to:

- turn their heating and air conditioning down to save energy. – reduce the amount of printing that they carry out. – turn off their computers at the end of the day. – turn the lights off when they leave the room.

Cut Out the Commute

One of the other major benefits of working from home is that you get to cut out the commute to work. As well as giving you more free time, this also has important environmental implications. By avoiding travelling to work and back each day, you are seriously cutting down on your carbon footprint.

Money Savings

The survey also found that people working from home were able to save more money than they would if they were travelling into the office. From spending less on transport costs as well as other expenses like lunch and coffee during the day, respondents claimed that they were able to save anything from $1 to over $80 a day.

Bosses Are Aware of the Eco Benefits

One of the most interesting results of the survey was that many of the bosses who were asked whether the environmental benefits of remote working played a role in their decision to allow their employees to work from home said that it did. 42% said it was a strong or very strong factor in their decision. So if you are looking for a way to convince your boss to let you work remotely, this could be one of the most effective arguments.

Enjoy Yet Another Benefit of Working Remotely

You probably have your own reasons for wanting to work remotely. But if you are concerned about lowering your environmental impact and you want to work in a more eco-friendly way, working remotely can certainly help you to achieve your goals.

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