The Perfect Job – Teaching English Abroad?

Teaching English abroad is one of the most popular ways to work overseas. You may have never taught before, or you may already have some experience. But whatever your situation, teaching could well be an option.

Here’s a look at some of the benefits of teaching should you decide to consider it as one of your work abroad options.

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1. Quick to Qualify

One of the best things about teaching English is that it only takes a month to get your teaching certificate. The industry standard certificates are CELTA and TESOL, both of which are widely accepted all around the world. They are fairly expensive, but they will provide you with all the skills and training you need to start teaching.

However, going on a course may not be mandatory, depending upon the country in which you will be teaching. Sometimes the only qualification you need is to speak English and be enthusiastic, and some countries are less strict than others. You may even want to pay for a basic online certificate which you can do from home and receive in a number of days.

2. Huge Demand

English is in demand all over the world. Essentially, if you speak the language, you can get qualified to teach it.

Some destinations will have more demand than others, but in most places around the world you can find work, and there will often be a number of language schools in the major towns and cities of any country.

3. Good Pay

Pay for teaching English can be very good indeed. However, this depends to a large extent upon where you want to teach. Some countries around the world are known for paying top rates, and if you head to Japan, South Korea or the UAE ten you can expect to earn a good living.

Other countries are not known for paying high rates, and in these countries you may want to find your own students and teach privately because you can earn more this way.

4. Flexible

There are many different types of teaching available. You can work for a school in a permanent position, join a company which organises classes in different businesses across the city, or set up on your own and teach privately.

As well as that, you can take your work with you. When you tire of a location or when your contract runs out you can go to another country and start up again, and generally the more work experience you have, the easier it will be to find teaching jobs.

5. Fun

Teaching allows you to work at the same time as meeting local people, and this can be an excellent way to find out more about the culture and make friends (both with other teachers and your students). It is also a real challenge, and if you enjoy the actual teaching then it can be the ideal job.

Teaching English: Worth Considering

You may have your heart set on working online for clients in your home country, or finding a job with a company in your new destination. However, it is always worth considering teaching English because of all the benefits that this job offers.

Maybe try it out before you leave home to see if you enjoy the actual teaching, and you could find that it ends up being your ticket to freedom.

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