The Pros and Cons of Remote Working from Abroad

Working remotely from abroad is a dream for many people, but is it really the right thing for you? To help you plan your own move to a new country, here are some of the most common pros and cons of remote working from abroad.

Work Abroad Pros

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Adventure – You get to see a new country with all the excitement and adventure that comes with it. If you are looking for different scenery and things to do then working from another country is a fantastic way to experience something new.

Easier Than Ever – The ease of working from abroad, thanks to the internet, means it is now more possible than ever to work from another country. In many ways there is no real difference from remote working from home.

Better Standard of Living – If you earn money from clients or a job in your own country then you may find that this goes a lot further in a foreign country. This obviously depends upon where you choose to live, but in some countries where the exchange rate is favourable you can end up enjoying a much better quality of life.

Learn a New Language – If you choose to work from a country where English is not the main language then you can use the opportunity to learn a new language. This may be useful when you return back home, or you could even use your new skills to move to another country in the future which speaks the same language.

New Business Opportunities – You may find that there are more opportunities in a new market to expand your business or develop a new business. Whereas the market back in your home country may be crowded, you could export your expertise to a new country and enjoy more success.

Work Abroad Cons

Homesickness – It can affect anyone from time to time, and if you decide to stay abroad for many months then you may find that homesickness prevents you from enjoying your time in your new country to the full.

Work Issues – You may find that some issues prevent you from working effectively abroad, such as the different timezone, the lack of a reliable postal system or the inability to hold face-to-face meetings. These kind of things will lead to more complications in some jobs than others.

Culture Shock – This can occur when you first arrive, but it can be equally difficult to deal with when you return home. You may even find that you don’t enjoy your old job any more when you return home and decide that you only want to work from abroad.

Out of the Loop – If you are working remotely for a company then you may find that you get out of the loop when you work from abroad because you miss out on the day-to-day happenings in the office, and this may make it more difficult when you return.

Make Your Own Mind Up

Working abroad is not for everyone, and if the cons outweigh the pros then it may not be the right decision for you. However, none of these cons on their own should prevent you from going abroad if that is what you want to, so if it is your dream to work abroad then there is always a way that you can achieve it.

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