Things to Consider when Moving Abroad with Your Family

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Moving abroad to work in a new country is a huge adventure and a very exciting time for anyone. However, there are very different concerns for those people who are moving abroad on their own and those who are taking a family with them.

Here are some of the most important things to consider if you are planning on moving overseas and taking your family along with you.

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Their Happiness is Crucial

The first thing to remember is that your stay abroad will only be a success if your family is happy where they are.

Many overseas job placements are put at risk when the partner of the employee moving abroad is not happy. In fact, it is one of the most important factors to consider for companies who are transferring their employees abroad.

So before you go, make sure that it really is the right thing for your partner and family, or you might end up returning home sooner than expected.

A Job for Your Partner

If your partner is going to be working full-time looking after the children or in another unpaid role, finding employment may not be so important.

However, you may have a partner who wants to work, but who may have difficulty finding a job due to visa restrictions or other issues.

In such circumstances, it may be worth looking into the possibility of online work which can be done from anywhere.

This may help to keep your partner more occupied and to have their own reason for moving rather than just feeling like they are following you around without any reason to be there themselves.

School for the Kids

There are some families who take the kids out of school for a year or so and teach them at home, and that may be an option. But if you want to ensure that your children keep up their education then it will be important to do some research on the schools in the area and find out whether they will be suitable.

If your children do not speak the local language then you may have to find them an international school instead, so these are all issues to consider.

Lots to See and Do

If you are moving out into the middle of nowhere then it may be a bit more difficult to keep your family occupied. However, if you are moving somewhere with an active expat scene and lots to see and do then this may help to make the move more successful.

Although you cannot always choose your destination if you are being moved by your company, if you have any say in where you are going then try to ensure you go somewhere where there is lots to keep everyone occupied.

Language Difficulties

If you are going to a country which speaks another language then it may be time to get practicing with your family. Kids can find it lots of fun learning a new language, and they tend to pick it up a lot quicker than adults. It will really help them out if they can speak some of the language when they arrive and could make their time in the country more enjoyable.

If you don’t plan to learn the language, it may be even more important to ensure that there are other English-speaking expats in the area so that your family can socialise with other people and not feel too isolated.

Start Planning Your Family Move Abroad

Moving abroad can be a fantastic experience for a family, but there are a number of things to consider before you go away. Make sure you take some time to look into the above issues and then start planning your move with your family to make it a real success.

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