This Town Isn’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us; So I’m Moving Abroad

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More of us than ever are packing up our possessions and are moving our families from the place that we have known for so long to search for a better life somewhere further afield.

International flights are now more affordable than they were for previous generations and with the introduction of the internet, it has made working on the road or from home and keeping in touch with friends and family easier, wherever you are in the world. The perception is that most people move abroad to escape from the often grim British weather, but when you look at the destinations most favoured by Brits making the move overseas, this isn’t always the case.


More than a million Brits have made the move down under in search of a better life. Although the Aussie climate is definitely one of the main factors in their decision to move, the better quality of life and a much improved work/life balance is perhaps something that draws them even more. However, moving to Australia is not as easy as it used to be as there are several hoops which you must jump through in terms of occupation and health screenings, but this does not put off thousands of Brits from applying for their visas every year. Costs involved in moving to the other side of the world are considerable as it’s not just the flights which have to be considered; it’s the shipping of all your things too.

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There are over 800,000 expat Brits living in Spain, most of who live around the coasts and popular holiday areas. The climate is the major attraction and Spain is far more easily reached from the UK than the USA, New Zealand or Australia. In recent years, many people who had settled in Spain have found themselves hit hard by the economic conditions in the country and prices of property have tumbled. Prices and taxes have risen, but property prices have fallen, meaning that it has become possible to bag a bargain in the most exclusive resorts for people looking to make the move in the near future.


As our nearest neighbour, it’s not surprising that many of us have made the move across the Irish Sea to seek a new home there. There is no language barrier and no culture clash when moving to Ireland and travelling back and forward to the UK is cheap and quick. Yet Ireland is another country whose economy has taken a hammering since the credit crunch and the employment market is far more challenging than it was a decade ago. All indications seem to suggest that in the future the flow of people will be from Ireland to the UK rather than the other way around.


An estimated quarter of a million British citizens have chosen to make France their home and unlike Spain they are spread all over the country. The climate and the affordability of property is what prompted most of them to make the short hop across the Channel and the standard of living in France is still roughly comparable to here in the UK. The practicalities of moving are less difficult too and there are many companies who are specialists in removals to France who can take care of the packing and shipping for you. French property is no longer the bargain that it once was, but if you buy in the correct location and are prepared to do some work to improve a property, you can still get a bigger and better house for a great price.

United Arab Emirates

Dubai is rapidly turning into one of the world’s major hubs and 65,000 British people are already settled there, enjoying the high salaries and exotic climate of the Middle East. As Dubai and other similar cities continue to grow in importance, an increasing number of us will be heading out there in the future.

Steven Capocci is a writer who can see why many people are drawn by the warmer climates and benefits of countries such as France. He suggests that if you are thinking of moving to this beautiful part of the world, it is important to approach specialists in removals to France to help you get there.

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