Time to Move Abroad?

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If you live in the UK and you have ever considered moving abroad to live and work, now could be the time to finally put your plans into action.

A new uSwitch survey has just been released stating that the UK is the worst place to live in Europe. Out of 10 developed European countries, the UK came right at the bottom for quality of life, even coming below countries which are experiencing serious problems with their economies like Italy and Ireland.

And this is despite the fact that the average household income in the UK is the fourth highest on the list.

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So what is it about the UK that makes it the worst place to live? A number of factors have been highlighted, including:

- 5.5 fewer days of holiday than average – Second lowest amount of sunshine per year – Third lowest spending on health as percentage of GDP – Fourth highest retirement age – Below average government spending on education – Highest food and diesel prices in Europe

In fact, the survey revealed that 12% of Britons said that they are considering emigrating to another country (although how many of them actually will is another matter).

France came top of the list for the third year in a row, and this is despite the fact that families here earn less than in the UK (£31,767 average income compared to £38,547 in the UK), and they work longer hours.

In France’s favour, they get 36 days of holiday a year and have an average retirement age of 60. They even get to live a year longer, with a life expectancy of 81.4 years compared to 80.4 in the UK.

France was followed by Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Ireland and Sweden, all of which were higher than the UK.

So, have you ever thought about emigrating? Perhaps now is the time to put aside your doubts and head abroad for a better life. You can enjoy all of the benefits of living in another country, and you don’t even have to leave your income behind in the UK if you carry on working remotely.

According to the survey, most people would choose Spain (13%) or France (7%) as their destination of choice if they emigrated. These two are ideal because they are both in the EU so you would be able to live and work from them without facing too much red tape.

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