Top Smartphone Apps for Living Abroad

The latest super phones were recently revealed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where devices like the Samsung S5 showed off the latest advances in mobile technology. Even if you don’t have the most powerful smartphone on the market, you can still download a number of apps that are incredibly useful for expats and those working remotely overseas.

As well as all of the standard apps that you should have on your mobile already (Skype, Evernote, Google Maps and Dropbox to name a few), here are some others that you could consider downloading.

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Wi-Fi Finder

One of the beautiful things about working remotely is that you can work from anywhere with an internet connection – and that often means a Wi-Fi connection. Finding Wi-Fi signals on the go can sometimes be frustrating in a new place, and especially in a new country. So use this free app, which seeks out both free and paid Wi-Fi.


This app is very useful for anyone doing business overseas, from business travellers to long-term remote workers. It provides a detailed guide to a wealth of information on destinations all over the world. Many countries are covered, with information provided on areas such as business etiquette, culture and transport.

XE Currency

A currency conversion app is a necessity, and XE is one of the best there is. You can use it for multiple conversions, and it has pretty much every currency you can imagine. It’s a convenient way to track a number of currencies while you are abroad, helping you to decide when to transfer money over or withdraw cash from an ATM.

Lonely Planet City Guides

Lonely Planet is the name to trust when it comes to travel guides. However, rather than taking along  hefty guidebook, download this app instead. As well as detailed information on your city, it will also use your location to make suggestions about nearby points of interest.

Amazon Kindle

The Kindle app is available on all smartphone operating systems, and it is one of the apps that makes smartphones so useful. Rather than taking your Kindle with you on trips, read from your smartphone instead. It’s ideal for journeys when you want to pack light, allowing you to take your entire book collection with you anywhere.


Don’t forget about your friends and family back home when you are working abroad. If you want to send a physical card but don’t want to work your way around the local postal service when you arrive, use this app instead. You can take a photo with your phone, then create a card and send the card to the recipient all from within the app.

Smartphones: Essential for Expats and Remote Workers

Of all the things that you take with you when you work remotely from overseas, make sure your smartphone is one of them. There are so many useful apps that you can download and use all over the world that it really is worthwhile packing your smartphone – and it does not have to be one of the latest and greatest phones on the market.

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