Travelling with your TEFL Qualification

We hear it all too regularly nowadays. You’ve been made redundant; you’ve recently graduated and can’t find a job; or you’re just sick of your nine-to-five. To some the prospects may not look great but through this dark cloud glimpses of sunlight are shining through, even if it might be hard to believe. With the job market in the UK increasing gloomy, and student fees on the rise as of September this year alternative career and study choices are becoming increasingly popular.

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TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) courses are one of these alternatives that are increasing in popularity and are seen as an excellent opportunity for those with ambitions to travel, teach others abroad and those looking to add invaluable experience to their CV. With the UK entering into a double dip recession last week and the term ‘global recession’ raising its head again many people may feel that their prospects abroad are as slim as in the UK however this isn’t the case at all. Take China, for example. In 2008 – immediately following the banking crisis – their GDP leapt straight back to 9%, and has continued to nudge double figures ever since. And whilst you might put this down to Communist industry, the same can’t be said of South America.

Currently the destination of choice for swathes of UK travellers, the whole continent is booming. Whilst the UK economy continues to contract, Brazilian GDP grew a comfortable 3% in 2011, whilst Argentina leapt an unprecedented 9%.

Now, before you start yawning, all these percentages illustrate a crucial point. Economic success amounts to diplomatic clout, so each of these countries is now preparing for an increased role on the world stage by arming their nation with the international language. They are just crying out for people like you: native English speakers, with a sense of ambition that’s bound to rub off on their own people.

If these figures are impressive, but not quite enough to tempt you to teach abroad than the fact a TEFL qualification and the experience you can gain abroad will dramatically help your chances of landing a job when you return just might. Employers look favourably on candidates who have spent time aboard, growing as person and if you teach others while travelling this can only aid your chances of returning to a job.

On the other hand if you have always had ambitions to travel but have been unable to save up the significant amount to set off than a TEFL qualification may be able to help you as well. Without having to save for anything more than your flight (and some employers might even help out with that), you can spend the working week immersed in an exciting new culture, and the rest of the time on vacation.

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If you believe you are suited for a TEFL course and ultimately teaching English abroad there are many institutions that offer teacher training courses. With over 50 years’ experience in English teaching, St Giles International are specialists in helping you gain the TEFL qualifications needed to change your life. We offer a range of courses, including CELTA and Cert. TESOL, so you can be sure to gain the appropriate TEFL qualification for your destination – and with colleges in the UK, Canada, America and Brazil, you don’t even have to wait to qualify for the adventure to begin.

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